Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Canna #6 - "Waiting to Unfurl"


Acrylic on Canvas - 40" x 30"

I'm very, very pleased to announce that the 6th in my series of canna paintings "Waiting to Unfurl" has been accepted into the Sooke Fine Arts Show!  There's always a bit of angst awaiting the jury's verdict!  The image that I used for this one had some really interesting colouring on some of the lower leaves.  Each painting has different challenges to deal with and a personality of it's own.

On another note, I have a whole new batch of canna lilies growing in pots on my deck again this year so I can have some new reference material to work from.  It took a little bit of looking around to find the Tropicana lilies (the ones with the purpley, burgundy leaves) but I found some!

The Sooke Fine Arts Show runs from July 25th - August 4th at Seaparc Leisure Centre in Sooke.  I hope that you can make it in to see the show.